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ზეთის საღებავი 10 ფერი XL F. OIL PACK 10T20ML+BRUSH

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Product description

Set of 10 fine quality oil paints, with a gloss-satin finish, accompanied by a brush.

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10 oil paints Fine quality Gloss satin finish + 1 brush


  • Based: Oil
  • Target: Adult, Student, Amateur beginner, Confirmed amateur
  • Format: 20 ml


Fine Studio XL oil can be applied with a brush or a knife (in thin or thick layers), alone or mixed with our different auxiliaries on canvas, cardboard, wood, ...


The story of Pébéo began in 1919 in beautiful Provence. Established in Saint-Marcel, east of Marseille, the factory was powered by the Canal du Béal, the driving force behind this young company of around twenty employees. The French chemical company was then known as “La Pébéo”, after the molecule used in the production of paint, lead protoxide, which was more commonly known as “Pbo”. At that time, ready-made paints did not yet exist: pigments existed only in their powder form, and were only intended for use by professionals.

99.00 GEL
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