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ISBN: 85631273

Product description

Assortment of 2 markers, oil based, gloss and opaque finish, with an excellent lightfastness.

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Assortment of 2 markers Oil based Gloss and opaque finish Excellent lightfastness.


  • Based: Oil
  • Target: Professional - Craftsman, Adult, Student, Amateur beginner, Confirmed amateur
  • Format: Mix


The 4 Artist Marker needs to be primed before first use:

- Shake the marker firmly with the cap closed to circulate the ball,

- Then, on a sheet of paper, press the tip several times to soak the paper with paint.

These markers allow you to draw accurately on most surfaces. They are perfectly suited to work on canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, porcelain, plaster, mineral material, etc.

The result will be less brilliant on porous surfaces. To avoid loss of gloss on these surfaces, it is advisable to apply a coat of Bindex or water-based varnish.                                      

Ideal for mixed media, the 4 Artist Marker can be used with Fine Art and Graphic Arts paints (oil, acrylic and its auxiliaries, inks, ...) or specialised paints such as Ceramic, Vitrail, Gédéo resins, Prism and Moon effect paints. It is advisable to apply a coat of Bindex or 4ARTIST MARKER varnish to the paint before applying the marker.

To achieve splattering or dripping effects, the wick should be "over-soaked" with paint and then shaken. This is easier with the 8mm and 15mm wicks. To do this, be careful to protect yourself from any contact with the eyes and before closing the marker, wipe the wick holder and re-control the flow of paint.

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