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სიკატივი ფრანგული COURTRAI SICCATIVE 75 ML

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სიკატივი არის ნივთიერება, რომელიც ხელს უწყობს საღებავების, ზეთებისა და ლაქების სწრაფად გაშრობას.

Product description

This zirconium-based siccative acts in depth and on the surface. It accelerates drying and balances thick layers while hardening. It is very powerful and must be controlled with care. Colourless, it does not alter light colours. It is very effective on blacks and lacquers.

The + products

Allows thick layers to harden evenly. Colourless, it will not alter colours and is ideal for blacks and lacquers. Very powerful siccative, use with care.


  • Target: Professional - Craftsman, Adult, Student, Amateur beginner, Confirmed amateur
  • Format: 75 ml
  • Dangerous. Respect the usage precautions. 
31.90 GEL
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