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Mentions of Danger

Extremely flammable aerosol.

Pressurised container: May burst if heated.

May cause an allergic skin reaction.

Causes serious eye irritation.

May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

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Product description

Discover Pebeo's Artist Acrylics range, a collection of auxiliaries specially designed to give you total control over your acrylic art creations. Whether to prepare the support, modify the properties of the colours or ensure an optimal finish and conservation of your works, these auxiliaries are your essential allies.The auxiliaries in the Artist Acrylics auxiliaries range allow you to prepare your surface effectively before starting your work. From preparing the canvas to applying an undercoat, these products give you a solid base suited to your artistic style.Would you like to modify the properties of your acrylic colours? The auxiliaries in the range are here to help. You can play with the texture, transparency, gloss or even drying time of your colours to create unique, controlled effects.Once your work is finished, the Artist Acrylics Auxiliaries range offers you finishing and conservation products. Whether varnishes, mediums or fixatives, these auxiliaries guarantee lasting protection for your creations, preserving the brilliance of the colours and ensuring resistance to external aggression.

It improves the qualities of resistance to ageing of acrylic colours, unifies the differences in brightness of the picture and increases the depth of colour. When the colour is applied thickly, it is advisable to wait 1-2 weeks before varnishing work. Solvent-based acrylic varnish is covering and non-yellowing. They offer a perfectly taut film, that is flexible and indelible. They have a feature of a guaranteed possibility of restoration work. They are available in the following versions: - gloss: perfectly transparent, - matt: somewhat opalescent - and satin


Format : 200 ml


Product EAN : 3167865202301

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