SIO 2 - ZAMORA / თეთრი-სპილოს ძვლის ფერი/ ჰობი კერამიკა 5kg(1000-1300c)

47.00 GEL
47.00 GEL
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SKU: 8422830133055 ISBN: 8422830133055

Excellent plasticity
Ultra-fine texture
White after firing (range 1000-1300ºC)

ZAMORA clay is ideal for wheel-throwing and modelling smooth pieces with fine details. It contains 40% impalpable grog 0-0.2 mm, which provides excellent behavior during drying and firing. It is perfect for hobby ceramics because it has a wide firing range from 1000ºC to 1300ºC, developing a range of colors that go from white to ivory white, which allow to intensify the color of the glazes and coloring oxides used to decorate. Due to its extraordinary plasticity, it is also very suitable for modelling and sculpture.


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