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SKU: 050-023 ISBN: 3167860500235

Mentions of Danger

Flammable liquid and vapour.

May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.

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Product description

Discover Pebeo's Vitrail and Cerne Relief range, essential products for creating magnificent stained glass windows and glass decorations. With their intense, luminous colours, these paints let you bring your creations to life with vibrant, captivating results.Use Cerne Relief in combination with Vitrail paints to create precise, elegant outlines. This product is specially designed to create clean lines that outline your designs and add depth to your creations. You can play with different line thicknesses to achieve a variety of effects.Pebeo's Vitrail and Cerne Relief range offers excellent lightfastness, guaranteeing the durability of your creations over time. Your works will retain their brilliance and vibrant colours, even when exposed to daylight.Available in two finishes, transparent and opalescent, these paints offer a wide range of creative possibilities. The transparent finish lets the light shine through the colours, creating an effect of transparency and luminosity. The opalescent finish adds a subtle touch of mother-of-pearl and shimmer to your creations, giving them a magical, enchanting look.

Paint, lemon colour, solvent based. The shade is a vivid yellow, with a transparent and gloss finish.


Based : Solvant

Colour : LEMON

Product EAN : 3167860500235


Pebeo's Vitrail colors can be applied with a brush on most carefully degreased transparent surfaces: glass, acetate, polyester, Plexiglas...

To perfectly imitate stained glass, use with Vitrail the Relief Rings. They are applied directly to the tube to draw the patterns before applying the Vitrail colors.

Maintenance of decorated supports : After drying, the colour bear a light wash without soaking. Resistant to glass cleaner. The objects decorated with Vitrail colours should not be considered for practical usage, but only intended for decorative purposes.

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